La Casa Encandida Museum, Madrid.

La Casa Encandida Museum in Madrid, an important centre for contemporary art and culture, exhibited Jeremyville as a part of a special art installation focusing on 'the character'. The show featured 'Hieronymus', from the 'Bunny of the Apocalypse', a central character in Jeremyville's ‘Fragments of the Apocalypse’ art series of figures and multiples dealing with the last days of pop culture on earth, the death of mass consumer icons, and the end of days in which Pop finally eats itself. 'Hieronymus' is the first porcelain figure from this series of works by Jeremyville. Each internal figure stacks on top of each other like a totem, and the exterior Bunny closes to conceal its inner turmoil. An edition of 25 black and 25 white glazed sculptures in wooden screen printed boxes. Produced by Case Studyo, Belgium.