Jethro at The Cooper Hewitt
Smithsonian Design Museum

Fiberglass and polymer paint. Edition of 4, plus 1 artist proof. (2017)
Approx 7 feet high, (measured without plinth)
Produced by Broadway & Eternity (New York)

Jethro is the manifestation of our innate sense of play and lateral thinking. It is a surreal, modern totem representing the childlike imagination within us, and is a key to unlock and rediscover our sense of joy, adventure and abstraction. Jeremyville has taken cues from 60's pop art, 70's psychedelia, animated cartoons & public art, and has metaphorically inflated a giant, imaginary blow up toy from our collective childhood. 

 Exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt from May 5th till August 29th 2017.

Artist Statement:

Jethro Bunny is the alter ego of us all. He's a manifestation of the part of us that we have forgotten, that's gone missing, and is lost: The playful, the surreal and the childlike imagination and wonder within us. Play is serious business, and at any age the implementation of play and lateral thinking solves problems, reduces stress, and opens channels to alternate thinking, and a path to rediscover our innate creativity. It's an essential tool to rediscover within us, to help navigate these complicated times in our world. And Jethro is a key to that rediscovery.

By discovering Jethro in the magical garden of the Cooper Hewitt, you are in essence rediscovering a part of you that has been forgotten, and he will unravel the layers around your sense of play, wonder and excitement you felt growing up. There's nothing more playful, surreal and utterly joyous than a giant pink inflatable bunny! With a moustache no less. Follow it down the rabbit hole of your imagination, close your eyes in the garden of the Cooper Hewitt on a magical Spring day, and imagine where Jethro will take you.

Trust in the adventure he will take you on, because Jethro represents the intuition of the child within you, and you once believed in that instinct unconditionally. Embark on your own inner journey with Jethro, and he'll lead you onto your true and righteous path through this life.

Jethro is a character borne from the Jeremyville CSA series of community messages.
I started the Jeremyville Community Service Announcements (CSA) project as a way to instigate inner change within myself, & then as a way of creating time to reflect for others who view them, to hopefully spread tiny ripples of personal change in our lives. I wanted to change the world as a child. Now I’m grown up, I still want to do that, and I might just be able to make a change by changing one person at a time: I decided to start with me.

To me, each of the 1200 CSA’s I have drawn so far, are small fragments that I have picked up along the path of my life’s journey, and when these are grouped together as atoms within us, they hopefully reflect upon the essence of the human condition, and the world we live in, and what it means to be alive.

The ultimate aim being to stay focused on our own truth, in this age of infinite distraction.

‘Jethro’ is the newest incarnation from this series, and he’s based on the CSA message ‘Walk Happy’. This figure is a part of the large public sculpture series I have taken around the world as my form of street art and community dialog: Shanghai, Chengdu, Bangkok, Paris, and now New York at the Cooper Hewitt (The first American location for the giant public sculptures.)

To me these large public sculptures are modern totems that recall our innate sense of freedom, self expression and playfulness that we all once had as children, and that most of us have forgotten in our adulthood. To me, fun and a sense of humour is serious business, and it has the power and ability to change the world. It can reinstate that connection to our imagination, our bravery, lateral thinking, and to that magical feeling that anything in our life is possible.