'Fragments of the Apocalypse'
paintings, sculptures & editions.
Launched at Cappellini, New York.

This series of abstract artworks and paintings explores a crystalized fragment in time, at the moment of the ending of our world. This is deconstructed pop, expressed in fragments, shards and broken pieces, collected from a desolate landscape of the mind and re-assembled. Throughout these paintings, artist Jeremyville continues his ongoing practise of reducing line,  form and color in his work into a simple and recognisable distillation. He takes cues from the inherent natural forms, shapes and patterns that are within all man made and natural elements around us. Launched at Cappellini, this series is expressed in polymer paint on canvas,  wooden sculptures, and print editions.  Below from top: 160 x 60 inches. (4 panels) Polymer paint on 4 canvases. / 'Birds of the Apocalypse' wooden sculpture edition of 10. (included in the HOCA auction) / 'Aviary Island' 60 x 72 inches (2 panels) Polymer paint on 2 canvases.


 The world renowned Italian furniture company Cappellini has spent the past three decades producing highly collectable pieces — Morrison’s Thinking Man’s chair (1988), for example, and Marcel Wanders’s Knotted chair (1996) — that now sit in the permanent holdings of such institutions as the Museum of Modern Art, in New York; the Pompidou Center, in Paris; and the Victoria and Albert, in London.

Cappellini produces beautiful objects that make people dream and smile and contributes an important cultural role in design history.