• Portraits (11 x 15") - Untitled 3
  • Portraits (11 x 15") - Untitled 3

Portraits (11 x 15") - Untitled 3

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An ongoing action painting series, based off characters real and imagined, from the Streets of Jeremyville. The carbon black ink drips and splatters are like moments in time, falling away from the portrait, and solidifying mid stream on their journey through gravity's pull. 

Each piece is a still frame of the actors and extras from an ongoing movie that's based on the creative output at Studio Jeremyville NYC. Some portraits take their cue from real people, encountered on Jeremyville's travels for the 'A Quest Unlimited' series, and others are amalgams or various cartoon characters half remembered from Jeremyville's childhood. Others might also be hybrids of a character encountered in a dream, or half awake state. 

Never planned, the portraits are spontaneous and liberating in their execution, and represent the most expressionistic and unrestrained body of work from Jeremyville.

Acrylic paint on Bristol acid free heavy weight paper (100lb)
11 x 15 inches (27.9 x 38.1cm)

$450.00 USD